Childcare Curriculum For All Ages

Childcare Curriculum Catered to Individual Growth

At Tiger Land Child Care, we are dedicated to recognizing and nurturing the unique qualities of every child. Unlike our franchised competitors, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not practical for the diverse needs of children. We believe in providing a conducive environment where children can develop a positive self-concept and grow at their own pace, while being challenged and stimulated. To achieve this, Tiger Land boasts experienced teachers and offers access to the latest educational toys and equipment. By combining these elements with our well-designed programs tailored to each age group, we create an exceptional learning, playing, and growing environment for your child.

Preschool Curriculum: Abeka and Beyond

In our preschool classrooms, we primarily utilize the renowned Abeka Curriculum. However, we have chosen to exclude the religious components of the Abeka Curriculum, ensuring a secular and inclusive environment. Tiger Land values and celebrates the holidays of various religions, fostering a learning format that encourages children to explore and understand different cultural traditions. We actively welcome parents of diverse races, religions, and nationalities to share their cultures and holidays, enriching the classroom experience.

Supplementary Resources for Holistic Development

At Tiger Land, our teachers go beyond the Abeka Curriculum to provide a well-rounded educational experience. We supplement the curriculum with a range of resources, including Handwriting Without Tears, Scholastic materials, and personal experiences. These additional tools enable us to cater to different learning styles and further enhance your child’s development.

Our Commitment to Individualized Growth

Recognizing that each child is unique, we strive to create an environment that fosters their individual growth and development. At Tiger Land Child Care, we prioritize providing a comprehensive curriculum that goes beyond a standardized approach. With our dedicated teachers, top-quality resources, and inclusive learning opportunities, we are committed to ensuring your child’s educational journey is enriching, engaging, and tailored to their specific needs.

Join us at Tiger Land Day School, where learning, playing, and growing come together to create a truly exceptional educational experience for your child.


Our younger children work on beginning math skills such as sorting, patterns, shape recognition, numbers, counting, and one-to-one correspondence. We even have cooking and garden activities to help teach measurement.


Children use various types of blocks and maps to learn balance and enhance their fine motor skills.


A variety of materials such as lacing beads and puzzles that teaches hand-eye coordination.

Dramatic Play:

Allows children to use their imaginations and emulate adult behaviors that they observe.  


Each classroom has an area with books, stories on tape, and puppets so that children will be introduced to beginning reading skills. 

Language, Phonics, and Handwriting:

In our nursery we begin to teach language skills that we will continually build upon as your child ages by using flash cards, alphabet songs and by using the environment around them.


Each classroom plays different types of music throughout the day so children hear classical, silly songs, Kenny Loggins and lullabies just to name a few. In addition songs are used daily to reinforce learning from our curriculum.

Science and Sensory:

Your child will use hands on materials such as magnets, rocks, skeletons, insects, shells, and other items found in nature to learn self help skills and also beginning science theories. Your child will also have the opportunity to explore a variety of materials to enhance their senses such as sand, playdough, water, salt, shaving cream and slime.


Your child will use many different mediums such as paper, glue, scissors, paint, collage materials, and crayons freely in order to have a chance for self expression.  Tiger Land believes that the arts can help young children gain fundamental academic and social skills, making them more confident and overall better life-long learners. We have several types of these programs built into our weekly lesson plans.   

Our Preschool and Pre-K classes work on gross motor skill development focusing on strength, balance and coordination during their weekly “Stretch and Grow” classes.

Optional Activities:

In addition to these activities, parents may chose to add the following programs to their child’s schedule for an additional fee which is provided by an established third party vendor:

  • Dance
  • Soccer Shots

Holidays & Events:

We love celebrating special events and holidays at Tiger Land. You are welcome to bring special treats for your child’s birthday or other special occasions for your family. We celebrate all major holidays and welcome parents/families to share their holidays and traditions with the classrooms. Our global parents love sharing the foods and traditions of their homes with the classroom and the children are fascinated by many of the cultural differences and similarities. This is what we are all about- learning from and respecting others.

School Breaks:

We are usually open on most days which Katy ISD is closed for teacher in-service days and holiday breaks (Winter and Spring Break). During these school breaks, many of our elementary age children spend the day and/or week with us and we plan a variety of fun activities and field trips to keep them entertained all day long. On these days, we only allow drop-in care for elementary age children that are currently enrolled or had previously been enrolled at Tiger Land. See drop-in care for more information.

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