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Infants and Toddlers (under the age of 24 months) pay the full weekly tuition without regards to holidays, illness or other absences. The only exceptions are the Winter Break and Spring Break in which tuition is reduced to $100 per week if he/she is not in attendance at all during these specified weeks. However, if your child attends even 1 day during these Break weeks, then the full tuition is due.

Toddler, Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten children receive an absentee credit of $23 per day for each day they are out. If your child is absent for the entire week, a minimum payment of $75 is due. Days we are closed for Holidays, Inclement Weather or Emergency Closings are considered to be days that your child is in attendance and you do not receive an absentee credit for these days.

During the school year, school age children pay the full weekly tuition without regards to holidays with the exception of Winter and Spring Breaks (see the specific policy for Holiday Weeks). During Winter and Spring Breaks, the Summer camp rates apply and a minimum payment of $75 is due even if your child does not attend at all during these weeks.

Your tuition is not reduced for school closures due to holidays, inclement weather or other emergency closings. You are paying for a spot in our program and tuition rates are determined based on that spot being filled for the school year. Much like any private school, we have calculated what the annual tuition needs to be to cover our fixed costs and teacher salaries and simply allow you to make payments weekly. Each week you make a payment is simply a payment towards the annual tuition for that enrollment slot. At other private schools, tuition is due even when the schools are closed for weeks at a time over holiday weeks (Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break). We do not close for weeks at a time.

The absentee policy and the weekly tuition rates go hand in hand. Every school has a budget of how much they need to earn for each enrolled spot and then determine their absentee credit and their weekly rates based on that earnings need and there is generally a trade-off. If a school has a more liberal absentee policy, then their weekly rates (and/or their student/teacher ratio) are generally higher to compensate because they know that they will be giving out more absentee credits.

Yes. A significant number of our families work in Katy ISD so our policy is designed to fit their schedules. If you are leaving for the summer, we require a non-refundable deposit equal to the supply fee and 1 week tuition for the family in order to hold your spot until you return in August. When you return, your deposit is applied against your 1st week’s tuition. If you do not return, you will lose your full deposit as we will have turned away many other interested families based on your previous commitment to return. Contact us for more information.

For families currently enrolled in our School Age Program, we do not charge extra if your child attends on Katy ISD half days or on days when Katy ISD is closed with the exception of Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break and Spring Break. During these longer Breaks, our summer camp rates apply for School Age Children attending during these weeks. For School Age Children that do not regularly attend Tiger Land (but have siblings enrolled), there is a drop in fee of $50 per day.

A couple of issues here. First, in order to protect the health of our staff and other children in the classroom, children that are contagious or potentially contagious need to be away to help prevent the spread of disease. We realize you may have to miss some work to take care of your child, but realize we are doing this for the safety of all children and staff. This plays to your benefit when other children in the classroom are sick (and sent home) and we are trying to prevent your child from getting sick. Secondly, State Licensing requires that we send your child home (if such symptoms develop while in our care) and prevent them returning for 24+ hours for the safety of other children and staff.  There are special, more stringent rules in place during pandemics such as Covid-19 that may require your child to be absent for two or more weeks.

In the case of Emergency Closings of Katy ISD or TIger Land, we will try to reach the parents through whatever means are possible including phone calls (or a message on our answering machine), website updates or Facebook or other social media platforms. This will depend on what resources are available to Management to access to get the message out. We generally try to follow the Katy ISD schedule and if they close because of inclement weather, then we are generally closed as well. HOWEVER, there are occasional instances in which Katy ISD closes because of forecasted bad weather which does not ultimately develop but we still have enough staff available to open and we will try to open to ease the burden for our families that still have to go to work. This is on a case by case basis. Again, this will be communicated in as many platforms as possible.

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