Infant Program

Welcome to our Infant Daycare Program, designed for babies aged 6 weeks to approximately 18 months.

At Tiger Land Child Care, we stand out from other infant daycare centers with our unique approach. We have four separate Nursery classrooms, ensuring that children are grouped based on age and developmental milestones. This means that each classroom has an age-range of no more than six months, allowing us to provide focused care and tailored experiences for your little one’s individual needs.

Engaging Environments for Sensory and Motor Skill Development

Tiger Land Child Care nursery rooms are thoughtfully equipped with a wide range of age-appropriate soft play toys, climbing structures, swings, and educational materials. Our experienced teachers have curated a variety of engaging activities that foster sensory and motor skill development. By utilizing these resources, we create an environment where infants can explore, learn, and grow.

Nursery Curriculum

Our Nursery classes are all about learning and skill development. Our teachers devise age/skill appropriate activities and experiences based on developmental checklists and our center wide weekly theme. Sensory and motor skill experiences play a large role in learning in this age group. Through play we encourage skill development and independence in eating and walking as we guide your infant to their toddler years.

We provide stimulating, simple floor based activities as children learn to lift and turn their head, roll over, sit up and crawl.   Once crawling, they are challenged by a variety of soft play structures, soft balls and toys, and tools to assist with taking the first steps towards walking.

Once children are able to sit up at the feeding table their curiosity is constantly challenged by sensory activities such as shaving cream, musical puzzles, and soft books.  In addition, the teachers are constantly singing and clapping to help develop all of the age appropriate sensory challenges.

As part of maintaining the highest possible Texas Rising Star Certification level, we operate at significantly lower ratios in our infant classrooms than required by Child Care Licensing.    Our ratios are 4:1 for children under 12 months and 5:1 for children from 12-18 months.  

The infant classrooms have their own, artificial grass covered playground with riding toys and playhouses to help with gross motor skill development.

Both nursery classrooms border the front lobby and have huge viewing windows that allow for constant, all day monitoring by the Directors and parents alike.

Holistic Learning and Skill Development

In our Nursery classes, learning and skill development take center stage. Our dedicated teachers design age and skill-appropriate activities and experiences, guided by developmental checklists and our center’s weekly themes. We understand the significance of sensory and motor skill experiences in this age group, and we leverage play to encourage skill development and promote independence in eating and walking as your infant transitions into the toddler years.

From Lifting Heads to Taking First Steps

Tiger Land Child Care provides stimulating, floor-based activities that support your child’s developmental milestones. Whether it’s learning to lift and turn their head, roll over, sit up, or crawl, our activities are designed to promote growth. Once your little one starts crawling, we introduce soft play structures, soft balls, and toys to encourage movement and challenge their emerging motor skills. We also provide supportive tools to assist them in taking their first steps toward walking confidently.

Sensory Adventures and Curiosity Ignited

As your child progresses to sitting up at the feeding table, their curiosity is constantly challenged through sensory activities. We engage them with experiences such as exploring shaving cream, musical puzzles, and soft books. Our infant daycare teachers incorporate singing and clapping into the daily routine, fostering age-appropriate listening skills and sensory challenges. We also encourage children to develop independence in eating and walking, facilitating a smooth transition into our toddler program.

Exploration and Gross Motor Skill Development

Our older infant classrooms feature their very own artificial grass-covered playground, complete with soft toys, balls, and riding toys. This dedicated space is designed to promote gross motor skill development in a safe and stimulating environment. Your child will have ample opportunities to explore, play, and enhance their physical capabilities.

Endless Play and Learning Opportunities

In addition to the nursery rooms, our infant and toddler classrooms have access to our atrium play center. This inviting space is equipped with soft play toys, sensory tables, building blocks, and riding toys. It offers a wide range of opportunities for exploration, imagination, and social interaction, further enriching your child’s learning journey.

Tiger Land Child Care invites your little one to join our infant daycare program, where we provide a nurturing and stimulating environment that fosters your child’s growth, development, and joyous exploration during these precious early years.

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